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Lampard became impatient because of Werner

Like the previous rounds, Chelsea’s expensive rookie continues to fall into a “dry goal” situation in the Derby against Arsenal.

Early this morning, Chelsea made a trip to the pitch of a seriously troubled opponent, Arsenal. Despite being appreciated by football experts, the Blues have had a disappointing performance when they lost the match 1-3 and have now fallen to 7th place on the standings.

In this match, Timo Werner continued to make the viewers of the football live to shake their heads. He fell into a state of insecurity in the handling phase and especially at the finish. The German striker as “invisible” as well as Chelsea were 2 goals ahead of the opponent in the first half made coach Frank Lampard decided to withdraw him to bring young player Hudson-Odoi into the battle in the first minutes of the round. 2.

Notably, this was the 10th consecutive match in all the former arena, former RB Leipzig star could not open fire. This makes Coach Lampard’s patience with him even lower.

In the press conference after the match, the British military leader himself admitted to his decision to change people. Accordingly, Lampard said that Werner did not play well and that caused him to make adjustments:

“For a famous striker like him, if you don’t score, you will be judged like this and that. I understand Werner is under enormous pressure. The change is just because I want the team to have new things in attack.

In this match, it must be admitted that Werner was underperforming in the first half. Even without the ball, he wondered what to do. This forced me to make adjustments.

I will talk to him to find the best solution. We can see the fatigue not only for Werner but also for every player during this tough period”.

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The weakness caused Arsenal to fail (Part 2)

Solution for Arsenal?

Jurgen Klopp took 5 years to succeed with Liverpool. Pep Guardiola also needed 2 years to reap the title in Man City. If you want to build a team that plays attack beautifully and effectively, Arteta and Arsenal have to spend a lot of time and effort.

Meanwhile, playing defensively on a counterattack could be a more time-saving option. Claudio Ranieri or Antonio Conte need a season to help Leicester City, Chelsea win the championship.

At present, Mourinho also has significant marks at Tottenham. Coach Klopp commented that Spurs is the best counter-attacking team at the moment.

After winning against Arsenal, manager Mourinho shared: “It is important what you do with the ball. We play counter-attacks well, there are players who are quick and sharp every time the opportunity is given. Sometimes you just need defend and go far”.

With Arsenal now, it is also difficult. They don’t have fast and sharp players like Son Heung-min and Harry Kane to use that style of play. Aubameyang, Lacazette or Willian were all older. Meanwhile, Nicolas Pepe has a somewhat cumbersome and ineffective playing style.

And whatever style Arsenal choose to reform, the first thing they need to do is to recruit quality recruits. Carragher has insisted that Arteta is a talented coach, but the Spanish strategist will not be able to succeed with the current people at Arsenal.

After Arsenal’s defeat to Everton, the Liverpool legend confirmed this once again.

“To get back to where they want to go, with their Champions League place and the ability to compete for titles, they have to go through a lot of pain. They have poor signings in a long time. Arteta needs 3-4 terms. Another transfer can be successful. This Arsenal squad is not good enough “, Carragher shared.

Arsenal’s style makes them not look like relegation teams. They are not imposed by opponents like Sheffield or West Brom, they do not defend too closely like Fulham.

However, Arsenal has something in common with these teams. They are too easy to defeat.

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The weakness caused Arsenal to fail (Part 1)

Standing at No. 15 on the rankings and showing a weak face, Arsenal showed itself as a team that any opponent can beat.

In the 14th round of the Premier League, Arsenal continued to sink into crisis when they lost 1-2 against Everton. “Gunners” do not know the smell of victory in 10 consecutive matches, including 8 defeats. The last time Arsenal had 3 points was 2 months ago, when they won 2-1 against Sheffield United.

Arsenal are unlucky or weak?

After the losses, Coach Arteta often blamed the lack of luck. In the press conference after the 0-1 defeat to Burnley, he once said: “We are in complete control of the game. We have created many chances to have at least one draw. I think luck doesn’t stand. towards Arsenal “.

Arsenal often controlled the ball more than the opponent. Before Burnley, Tottenham or Everton, Coach Arteta’s army was superior in terms of holding the ball. However, when they have the ball in their feet, they don’t create obvious opportunities. In 15 minutes in the second half against Everton, Arsenal controlled 82%, but could not make Jordan Pickford stop.

Except for the match with Burnley, Arsenal are not superior in the number of hits with their opponents. That shows they are struggling with their attack. Without Mesut Ozil, Arsenal lose diversity in their gameplay.

With Willian, Arsenal attacked the side and crossed the ball more. Coach Arteta has also confirmed that they will score more goals if they persist to cross the ball. However, this plan is not effective, because Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang or Alexandre Lacazette are not leading experts.

“Everton lets Arsenal keep the ball comfortable. So does Tottenham. And what can Arsenal do? Nothing. At that time, possession of the ball does not mean anything. It is not a competition of ball control. “Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool defender, told Sky Sports.

In the eight defeats that Arsenal had to receive in the Premier League this season, they controlled the ball 6 games more than their opponents. When deploying attacks, Arsenal’s top players do not receive support from defenders.

With teams that attack the edge many times, the player who crosses the ball most must always be the wing-back. This allows the wing strikers to penetrate the penalty area to put pressure on the opponent’s goal.

In Liverpool, Trent Alexander-Arnold, Andy Robertson of course the two most crosses. Tottenham has Serge Aurier, Everton has Lucas Digne. Meanwhile, Willian is Arsenal’s biggest crosser.

“It’s not that Arsenal miss out on delicious opportunities, they are not creating it. They move from defense to attack very slowly and rarely let defenders face each other,” Carragher explained.

Besides, Arsenal’s midfield is also an alarming problem. Not only lack of “poetic” from Ozil, they also lack “steel”. When Thomas Partey is not on the pitch, Arsenal’s midfield becomes extremely fragile.

In the confrontation with Everton, Arsenal’s central midfielder duo Mohamed Elneny and Dani Ceballos played ineffectively. They cannot guarantee the support in front of the quarterback.

15 minutes, they let midfielder Michael Keane drop the ball straight into the middle area and a powerful shot from afar. The ball narrowly deviates from goalkeeper Leno. If it is a more skillful and mischievous player, Arsenal could face a dangerous situation.

38 minutes into the game, Dominic Calvert-Lewin also had a situation to go straight into the middle. At that time, Elneny was easily surpassed, Ceballos did not move in time and Kieran Tierney was forced to make a foul just before the 16.5 meter line.

In this match, many times Everton players launched dangerous long shots that Arsenal’s central midfielders could not intervene in time.

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Messi – when will the burden be over?

Seeing how Barcelona lost easily to Juventus, those who have watched football live even more sympathize with the hopeless efforts of Lionel Messi.

Until now, perhaps the question “What philosophy is Barcelona under Ronald Koeman football?” has not been answered for fans. Perhaps it is difficult for even ball experts to answer this question. Because Barca is still themselves in the previous seasons, a style called “Messi is everything”.

Barcelona now won a ticket to the eighth round of the Champions League, but is there a live football viewer who believes that the home team of the Nou Camp will go to the quarterfinals, let alone the final? Koeman’s Barca at this time is simply an extremely ordinary team. A team that as long as their opponent is ahead of them won’t be able to get up.

Before Juventus, once again people saw how lonely and lost Lionel Messi. The Argentinian superstar has a very good game. He is the one who launched the most number of shots with 11 shots on target, of which 7 times the ball hit the target. The M10 has a total of 125 touches and 19 double hand disputes, more than any other player on the pitch. So what do you get in the end?

Messi’s teammates are still the same. They played weakly, did not show the spirit that they had to win like M10 showed. Messi’s great rival Ronaldo only needs 4 shots to have a double and those are all goals on the 11m mark. Saying so to see the deficiencies in Barca’s defense and if they really sympathize with Messi’s efforts, perhaps Lenglet or Pique did not play so superficially.

Messi agreed to stay, but his soul must no longer be on the grass of the Nou Camp. With each passing week, the image of a 33-year-old man who has to put on his shoulder the burden of the entire team has become something very familiar. El Pulga deserves more than that after what he has done for this club in his glorious career.

A relief, sooner or later, is perhaps what Messi needs?

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Arsenal fans send coach Arteta a strong message about Ozil

Arsenal fans have sent a message to coach Mikel Arteta for the first time at Emirates Stadium in nearly 9 months.

In October, Mesut Ozil was removed from Arsenal’s registration list by coach Mikel Arteta this season in the Premier League and Europa League this season, despite the 32-year-old star not being injured. The German midfielder has not played for the “Gunners” for a minute since his 1-0 home win over West Ham in March this year but is still the club’s highest-paid person with £ 350,000/week.

However, Ozil still practices hard and insists that he wants to continue to contribute to the “Gunners”. Recently, 2,000 fans were allowed to enter the Emirates Stadium to watch the match between Arsenal and Rapid Vienna in Group B Europa League. The TV camera recorded the image of a child supporter of the “Gunners” holding up a sign with the message: “Bring Mesut back.”

Arsenal fans ask Mikel Arteta to use Ozil is understandable because Arsenal has only scored 10 goals after 10 rounds in the Premier League this season, a record of just over 3 teams ranked at the bottom of the table. The legendary goalkeeper of the “Gunners”, David Seaman has similar thoughts when he thinks that the Spaniard is wasting the talent of the number 10.

The former Arsenal goalkeeper told The Target Men Podcast that he had been very surprised that Arteta had decided to eliminate Mezut Ozil because he was a quality player. He personally felt something was happening between the two of them, because, for him, it’s a bit wasteful, because Ozil was still a quality player.

Elsewhere, L’Equipe newspaper reported that Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira was sacked by Nice after a series of five consecutive defeats, culminating in the French club being eliminated from the Europa League. The former French midfielder served as captain of the “Gunners” for many years, culminating in the 2003/04 Premier League title with an unbeaten record.

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Ronaldo created curse number 7 at the Bernabeu

Eden Hazard is just in the process of finding himself again. But the person who is wearing the number 7 shirt at Real Madrid is far (perhaps never) to reach the level and influence of the Bernabeu as Cristiano Ronaldo did.

In the summer of 2009, Real Madrid shocked the football world with the super “blockbuster” deal Cristiano Ronaldo. Just a year after owning the 2008 Golden Ball, President Florentino Perez did not hesitate to push captain Raul Gonzalez to Germany, and handed the No.7 shirt to Ronaldo.

And the fact that it was right with his owner, Cristiano Ronaldo made the No.7 shirt a new legend at the Bernabeu. Before Ronaldo, when it comes to number 7 at Real, people almost only talk about “Lord of the Ring” Raul, although before that they have many other famous players. But Ronaldo changed everything.

The number 7 shirt once associated Ronaldo with MU before he came to Real Madrid. After George Best is Eric Cantona, following British legend David Beckham, and after Beckham, no one made this shirt number more glorious than Cristiano Ronaldo. But during the past 11 years, no number 7 has brought the passion for “Red Devils” as CR7 has done.

At Real Madrid when Ronaldo arrived, the number 7 shirt really became more valuable than any other shirt in the past, with what has been associated with the Portuguese striker during the nine brilliant seasons. It is not only the responsibility, but also the “art of football” as Cristiano Ronaldo described the number 7 when he was playing football at Old Trafford.

Two years after Ronaldo left Real Madrid, this team became confused in finding someone to “fit” the number 7 shirt just like MU. Remember, after closing the sale of Ronaldo, President Florentino Perez confirmed that he would bring the Bernabeu to extraordinary players, and one of them was the one who received the shirt number from Ronaldo.

Two players who have been wearing the number 7 shirt at Real Madrid after Ronaldo, are Mariano Diaz and Eden Hazard. In the 2018/19 season, Mariano Diaz wore the number 7 shirt, but all that season the Brazilian striker scored 4 goals for Real with 3 in La Liga and 1 in the Champions League after 19 games. Meanwhile, in the 2017/18 season, Ronaldo, while still wearing the number 7 shirt at Real, scored 44 goals in 44 matches.

Unable to be more patient, President Perez decided to spend 150 million euros (total achievable value) to buy Eden Hazard from Chelsea even though the player has only 1 year contract. But after a season and a half, the number of goals for the number 7 in Real is … 3! Hazard has not and perhaps never reached Ronaldo’s level at Real. The Belgian star is simply finding his image as he did with Chelsea.

It is not easy to fit the number 7 shirt at Real, after all that Ronaldo has created in nearly a decade of dedication to the Royal Spanish team. Wearing the number 7 shirt at the Bernabeu at this time is probably more difficult than becoming a Real Madrid player.

Apparently the Portuguese striker is leaving a curse for this shirt number at the Bernabeu, as he has left at Old Trafford for the past 11 years.

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Liverpool can avoid MU’s mistake when buying players in January

Liverpool can avoid making the same mistakes as MU when buying more midfielders in the January transfer window next year.

Liverpool need to buy more midfielders to deal with injuries from Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez. But even if buying urgently, Liverpool must be careful to avoid making mistakes on the negotiating table like MU.

In January last year, MU could not buy Bruno Fernandes, although he identified this player as the number one target. Then, they have to wait until the last days of the summer 2019 transfer window to buy Harry Maguire for a record 80 million pounds.

The same thing happened in the Fernandes deal when MU had to pay £ 68 million for Sporting Lisbon.

Obviously, the longer the negotiation process, the longer there is no signal about the contract signing, the possibility of the deal being canceled or price pressure is very high.

Sharing about this issue, journalist Ollie Connelly of Liverpool Echo said: “You need to complete the signing of the contract in December, not wait until January and then extend the official signing to February”.

In fact, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool once succeeded with a stance: waiting for a suitable player was better than signing a contract with an imperfect alternative. They waited six months to pay a record fee to buy Van Dijk in January 2018.

But the situation is different now. “Liverpool cannot wait 6, 12 or 18 months to sign a contract when the squad can win this year, next year or the year after. They need to bring in new players during this time to win”.

They must also initiate negotiations immediately to avoid missing a suitable target in January, having to buy an unsuitable substitute or be forced to buy at a very high price.

Without saying that, Liverpool may sign a contract with Takumi Minamino before the January 2020 transfer market opens because there is a preparation in advance. This allows them to use the Japanese in the first matches of the new year and helps Minamino settle in faster.

Now, journalist Connelly suggests Liverpool pay an additional £ 30 million to buy Dayot Upamecano immediately as this is a long-term and necessary investment. Upamecano is only 22 years old and growing very strongly in the RB Leipzig shirt. More importantly, this investment will help Liverpool defend the Premier League title.

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Why do Arsenal want goals in the Premier League?

Arsenal have just suffered defeat to Aston Villa in the Premier League and once again have to pay the price for the lack of goals in attack.

After 8 rounds in the Premier League this season, Arsenal only scored 9 goals, their lowest level since the 1998/99 campaign (also 9 goals). In the last 4 rounds, the “Gunners” had 3 times of silence against Man City, Leicester and Aston Villa, only scoring one goal with a penalty from Aubameyang.

With this small number, it is easy to understand why Arsenal lost 50% of the Premier League matches since the beginning of the season (August 4) and ranked 11th.

Arsenal have only scored 9 goals in 8 Premier League games this season. Although coach Mikel Arteta regularly turns his forces around in the Europa League, meaning the best squad for the Premier League, Arsenal still disappoints in their attempt to find a goal.

The worst is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who lost himself since signing a new contract with a terrible salary. In the last 7 matches in the tournament, he only had 1 time to find the opponent’s net with a penalty (against MU).

In the defeat to Aston Villa, fans saw Aubameyang play 90 minutes in the Premier League at home for the first time without launching a shot.

Aubameyang has only 2 goals in 717 minutes in the Premier League this season

Looking at the ranking of the Premier League’s indexes, it is easy to understand why Arsenal are so thirsty for goals.

They are only 19th in the Premier League for combinations that generate shots, 13th for goals, 14th for shots to hit the goal, 17th for most important passes, and No. 16 on expected goals.

All have raised the question that Arsenal lacks a midfielder who can bring the same creativity as Mesut Ozil did before.

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Tottenham vented out of anger after shock, Bale continued to shine?

Bale will continue to score for Tottenham in the European Cup after shooting in the Premier League?

Tottenham lost 0-1 to Royal Antwerp in the previous round and Group J’s situation became more unpredictable after that match. However Spurs launched a patchwork squad in Belgium and Jose Mourinho saw somewhat of the weak positions he needed to overcome, and Spurs also made their first home win in the Premier League on Sunday.

Tottenham will need a win in Bulgaria to gain an advantage in Group J because one more slip will make their position unsafe. The defeat in Belgium is Tottenham’s first away defeat this season, they previously won 5 consecutive matches without playing at home. Meeting the team with the worst performance in Group J makes Tottenham’s chances even greater.

Ludogorets won only the last 2/5 matches in all competitions and in the remaining 3 matches there were 2 defeats occurring in the Europa League framework. They still caused a lot of trouble for LASK in the last game but ended up losing 3-4 to the Austrian team, though that was enough for the Tottenham players to kick a match.

Ludogorets will be absent with two players, Spain striker Higinio and Brazilian naturalized left-winger Wanderson, but in addition their forces are not without any more. Meanwhile, Tottenham may not use Sergio Reguilon due to his illness and Serge Aurier and Erik Lamela both injured, making the Tottenham squad more likely to resemble the match against Royal Antwerp except Dele Alli is unlikely to be used.

Mourinho had to make a series of replacements at halftime to Antwerp and he will certainly make a little adjustment for tonight’s squad, but most importantly, the spirit of the players who want to play their best. to compete for main stone position. Then this will be a great opportunity for Gareth Bale and members of the “B team”, because Ludogorets have lost 2 home games this season and have not shown the ability to threaten Tottenham.

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Liverpool dreams of usurping Everton

3 days ago, Liverpool just won 2-0 at Anfield home field when they welcomed the Danish team Midtjylland in the second match of Group D Champions League. It was the 3rd consecutive game “The Kop” triumphant song in all competitions.

Tonight, Liverpool will be determined to defeat West Ham to temporarily rise to the top of the Premier League table from Everton and make a 3-point difference against city rivals before Carlo Ancelotti teachers and students are Newcastle United’s guests.

Compared to last year, which almost dominated the Premier League, this season, defending champion Liverpool has revealed many uncertainties. They lost 2-7 to Aston Villa and then drew 2-2 as Everton’s guest in the 235th Merseyside derby in history.

The ominous injuries of Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip and Fabinho have recently made the defense of Liverpool extremely difficult. Confronting West Ham, coach Jurgen Klopp will probably have to risk using 19-year-old English player Rhys Williams to play midfield with Joe Gomez. Fortunately for Liverpool, Alisson Becker has recovered from injury and will return to hold their goal instead of colleague Adrian.

West Ham this season is a team that has a habit of obstructing many famous teams in the Premier League. In the 5th round, despite being 3-0 by Tottenham Hotspur, coach David Moyes’ team still excelled at scoring 3 goals to have before a crazy draw on the field of rivals in the same city.

In the 6th round, they led Man City again and made Pep Guardiola teachers and students extremely difficult to win 1 point at London field.

Before that, West Ham beat Leicester City 3-0. Liverpool’s visitors are chipping the defense due to injury, “The Hammers” lacks main striker Michail Antonio due to injury. However, the West London team still has a good striker Sebastian Haller and that would be a constant danger for Liverpool, if the Premier League champions are careless against the ball in the absence of both Van Dijk and Matip.

Whether the old MU David Moyes and West Ham can cause “The Kop” to lose points at Anfield’s home field or the “Merseyside Red Brigade” will win all 3 points to temporarily rise to occupy the top of the table of rival rivals neighboring Everton?