Football coachers

Juergen Klopp was voted the best Premier League coach in November 2019

The victory of the Senegalese star is somewhat surprising because Jamie Vardy is the more prominent player in November.

The 32-year-old striker scored in all 3 matches (a total of 3 goals) and made 2 more passes to his teammates. Jamie Vardy also owns a series of goals in the Premier League and currently leads the race for the Golden Shoe with 16 goals.

The remaining individual award is the best goal in November 2019 by Kevin de Bruyne. Shot from outside the 16m50 line to make it 2-1 at the Newcastle midfielder’s Newcastle match won. Unfortunately for Kevin Bruyne, Man City only got 1 point in this competition because not long after he scored a super goal, Jonjo Shelvey fixed the score 2-2.

Liverpool kept Jurgen Klopp until 2024

Coach Jurgen Klopp has just signed a new five-year contract, with Premier League leader Liverpool.

“The club is in a very good position, and I have no intention of leaving,” Klopp said on the Liverpool homepage after signing the contract.

The old contract between Klopp and Liverpool, signed in July 2016, is still valid until the summer of 2022. But both sides want to continue to stick to the long term, stemming from the achievements that the Anfield team has been. gain.

Under Klopp, Liverpool gradually regained a position of power in both the fPremier League and Europe. Last season, they won the Champions League and finished second with only a point below the champions Manchester City. This season, Klopp’s teachers and students are unbeaten in the Premier League, keeping the top of the table with an eight-point gap and unbeaten through 17 rounds.

The 52-year-old German man also sees the absolute trust that Liverpool owner, Fenways Group, has for him as an important reason for Klopp’s long-term commitment.

Klopp’s two trusted assistants – Peter Krawietz and Pep Lijnders, also agreed to sign a new contract with Liverpool, to continue the promising project they are working on.

If he stays in Liverpool until the end of his contract, Klopp will have nine years to lead the Anfield team. The last time a leader had been with Liverpool for so long was Bob Paisley, the team’s coach during 1974-1983.