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The richest club in the Premier League buys New Drogba

Wolverhampton is the richest in the Premier League but they are targeting cheap but quality goals on the transfer market.

The Premier League is a playground full of wealthy clubs not only for the huge revenue generated by the tournament but also for the large number of businessmen and corporations investing in the clubs. Fulham is one of three teams to be promoted next season and their owners have assets of more than $ 9 billion.

But Fulham, even MU and Man City, is still nothing compared to Wolverhampton, the team held by Fosun International from China with a total assets of 103.29 billion USD. The group is 4.6 times richer than the Man City owned group and 21 times more than the Glazer family that owns MU, 

With the support of Fosun International, Wolves have steadily competed for the top 6 spots after reaching the rank of 6. After reaching the finish of the seventh season of 2019/20, Wolves will continue to aim for the Champions League group . Although they do not have the thickness of competing in the top 4 like Tottenham, Leicester City or Arsenal , but have a strong financial ability to allow this team to dream big and they will concretize that goal by signing contracts. berries in the summer of this year.

Recently the English press said the club is aiming for two big goals for the defensive midfielder and the striker position. They have long been aiming for a central midfielder to build a play that forces the pitch instead of playing a counterattack, and the plug-in position may need new players due to Raul Jimenez being top European teams. Express newspaper revealed Wolves are in contact with Paris Saint-Germain to ask for midfielder Idrissa Gueye, who is no stranger to the Premier League having played four seasons in England before moving to PSG last summer from Everton. Gueye is expected to be part of PSG’s liquidation plan after this season despite playing well, possibly to make room for Thiago Alcantara from Bayern Munich.

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The most expensive squad includes 5 Chelsea players and 4 MU

The fact that Alexis Sanchez officially left MU to Inter has created the most expensive “leaving” squad in Premier League history both in fees and wages.
Alexis Sanchez finally ended the nightmare at MU by early termination of a 2-year contract to switch to Inter in free form.
When MU spent over £ 500,000 a week for Sanchez, they believed he was the missing piece in the squad. But after 2 and a half years there are only 3 goals in the Premier League, which is one of the most failed signings in the tournament’s history.

These include the most expensive failures in Premier League history, from Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa, MU midfielder Di Maria to Shevchenko or Torres at the Blues.
Kepa Arrizabalaga arrived at Chelsea as the most expensive goalkeeper in history for a fee of £ 71.6 million. But less than 2 years later, they are trying to push him away after a series of unacceptable mistakes.
In defense, Winston Bogarde came to Chelsea from Barcelona for a salary of £ 40,000 a week, a huge sum at the beginning of the century. For one thing, the Dutchman often befriends the bench, playing only 11 times in 4 years.
Meanwhile, Eliaquim Mangala cost a huge transfer of City up to 43.5 million pounds, while receiving 12.5 million pounds of salary. As a result, the club has to pay an average of £ 1 million for each midfielder’s appearance.
For Phil Jones, MU spent nearly 20 million pounds for former Blackburn star, the number in 2011. But in nearly a decade, he only played 165 times in the Premier League and still receive a salary of 75,000 pounds per week.
In midfield, Juan Veron became the most expensive player in Premier League history for a fee of £ 28.1 million to Man Utd in 2001. After two unimpressive years, he was sold out to Chelsea.
In the case of Alberto Aquilani, Liverpool spent £ 18 million hoping to replace Xabi Alonso. However, the Italian midfielder, although earning more than £ 100,000 a week, plays only 18 matches in the Premier League. Liverpool finally pocketed a mere £ 2 million when sold.
Premier League champion with Leicester, Daniel Drinkwater eventually became a commodity for Chelsea, the team had to spend 34 million pounds on the transfer fee and 100,000 salary per week just to see the midfielder sit on reserve and loan. .

Man Utd must feel regret when he spent 59.8 million pounds for Angel Di Maria. The former Real Madrid star does not deserve the huge salary of £ 280,000 per week.
The same thing happened to Alexis Sanchez, who cost the “Reds” £ 59.4 million in wages.
Chelsea is suffering with strikers Fernando Torres and Andriy Shevchenko. The first one costs £ 50 million and the salary is 150,000 euros, while the second costs £ 30.8 million and the salary of £ 190,000, but ultimately only “left” with the adventure failed.

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The richest club in the Premier League buys New Drogba (Part 2)

Known for their abundant physical strength and non-collision, Gueye is used at the bottom of the midfield to protect the central defenders as well as pressing when the home team pushes the team up. Gueye is actually considered to be a better tackle than Chelsea’s N’Golo Kante, from 2015/16 to 2018/19 Gueye was 3 times more successful than Kante in the successful tackle category and 2 times in the Premier League.

Gueye is 30 years old but it doesn’t matter to Wolves as he continues to lead the Ligue 1 field of the past season and will help free the other Wolves midfielders to support the attack. PSG bought Gueye from Everton for £ 30 million but this summer the Senegalese could only cost around £ 22 million for Wolves.

As a forward striker, Wolves want to have Koln’s Jhon Cordoba after Cordoba refuses to extend the 14th club in the Bundesliga . This Colombian is Koln’s number one striker this season with 13 goals in the league.

Height 1m88 and weighs about 85kg, Cordoba can look almost identical to Didier Drogba and is known for his similar gameplay to the Ivory Coast legend. According to Express, Cordoba is more resilient than any Wolves striker and especially very fast when breaking offside, but his weakness is a bit awkward when passing the ball, which makes the accuracy of the walls lack stability.

If Jimenez stays at Wolves then Cordoba, if purchased, could play in lower-kick Wolves matches against big teams, allowing coach Nuno Santo to rotate the striker position instead of relying almost entirely on Jimenez all season. And combined with the addition of Gueye, Wolves can fully believe in a ticket to the European Cup.

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Who are the 7 Chelsea players liquidated to overhaul the squad?

After Chelsea won the Champions League ticket, coach Frank Lampard is planning to overhaul the squad with about 7 players at risk of being liquidated.

Chelsea have strongly complemented the attack with Timo Werner and Hakim Ziyech, while waiting for more Kai Havertz.

After that, Lampard determined to overhaul the defense with receiving 54 goals lost last season. That makes the foothold of Kurt Zouma, Andreas Christensen, Emerson Palmieri, Marcos Alonso increasingly uncertain.

Any major addition to the Blues’ central defender position will result in Zouma being sold. Everton still want the player they borrowed in the 2018/19 season but this time it could be a permanent purchase.

For Christensen, Lampard did not have much time to wait for the 25-year-old to improve, because he needed reliable central defenders in both fitness and performance, something the Danish player could not guarantee.

On the left, Emerson continued to be attracted by former Chelsea manager Antonio Conte to Inter Milan this summer. It was the best way for him to escape the bench at Stamford Bridge.

Alonso is perfectly capable of taking on the left-back position in the four-man defense, but he is less convinced as a long-term option here.

In midfield, Lampard does not want to lose one of his few world-class players, N’Golo Kante, but if you need money to reinvest, this is a mandatory option.

Kante has turned 29 and his tireless body starts to have problems. The French midfielder has been continuously injured in injury over the past year, especially the hamstring area.

Meanwhile, Jorginho has become less and less in Lampard’s plan the way he has endured on the bench over time. Similarly is Ross Barkley, who has very limited use.

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Best young player in 2020: Mason Greenwood

With brilliant performances, striker born in 2001 Mason Greenwood deserves to be the best young player in 2020.

Trust and give opportunities for mature players from the young training furnace that has been a tradition of MU since Sir Alex Ferguson. And when he took over the coaching position at Old Trafford, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer continued this tradition after a break in the reigns of David Moyes, Luis van Gaal and Jose Mourinho. 

Under Solskjaer, many stars have had the opportunity to try fire in the English Premier League and European Cup. Of these, Greenwood is the most prominent face after he was picked up by coach Solskjaer to replace the first team Romelu Lukaku (transferred to Inter Milan).

Greenwood is having a booming season in Manchester. After 41 appearances in all competitions, the striker born in 2001 scored a total of 15 goals. Particularly in the Premier League, Greenwood had the 8th goal. 

More impressive, the student of Solskjaer’s coach scored 8 goals after only 31 shots. That means that on average 3.8 times to finish, he tore the opponent once.

With so many strong points such as finishing skills with both feet, inherent confidence, god speed, Greenwood is expected to be the future of MU and England.

Brandon Williams is also a star that impressed the coach Solskjaer. This season, the player born in 2001 has been trusted by the Norwegian strategist, 13 of them in the Premier League. 

Williams’s strengths are speed, aggressiveness and good basic technique. In the context of Luke Shaw is very sensitive to injury, the player with a modest height of 1.71 meters is giving MU new hopes on the left wing.

It would be flawed not to mention Algel Gomes and James Garner, two stars that are considered to have an open future. Unfortunately, Gomes refused to extend the contract with MU to look for new parking.

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Do Ronaldo, Messi or Lewandowski destroyed Golden Ball?

The cancellation of the Golden Ball award this year caused regret for many stars like Ronaldo, Messi or Lewandowski.

France Football Magazine, the organizer of the Golden Ball, announced that it would not award this prestigious award this year. This is the first time this award has not been awarded to anyone since its launch in 1956.

The decision made many people regret for Robert Lewandowski, Bayern Munich star played very well this season and is appreciated for the first time to win the Golden Ball. The Polish striker has scored 51 goals in 49 matches, helping Bayern Munich to win the domestic double and reach the treble if they win the Champions League.

“The fact that the Golden Ball was canceled is really a shame because the championships and the C1 Cup are still going on. This is really harsh for Ronaldo because he is still playing explosive despite being 35 years old. Lewandowski will also be disappointed because he also broke many records this season, ”a social media commentator.

“Has no one won this year’s Golden Ball award for COVID-19? Then Messi will still be the best player in the world until 2021. Lewandowski must be crying.

“Messi will still be the best player in the world until the end of 2021. Many people will hate to see this. Sorry for Lewandowski”.

Explaining the reason for the cancellation of the Golden Ball award this year, Editor-in-chief of France Football magazine, Pascal Farre said: “After careful consideration, we decided not to award the Golden Ball 2020 to protect protect the reputation of the award. We think this year is not possible and should not be considered a normal year.

“On the other hand, only 2 months (January and February) are not enough to judge and judge who will win the prize because there are many matches that don’t take place. Games that are still organized are subject to unusual conditions. They took place without an audience with 5 person changes and the C1 Cup from the quarterfinals played only 1 match.

“In the end, the candidates will not have the same opportunity to show their best because some players had to end the season earlier (Ligue 1 ended in round 28). So how do we compare fairly? To avoid having to make calculations and make predictions too difficult, we decided to choose the least expensive option”.

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How strong is Saul Niguez helping MU after joining from Atletico?

The presence of Saul will help MU complete midfield, thereby being able to compete fairly in the domestic league and the continental arena.

Last week, the British and Spanish press simultaneously reported, MU reached an agreement to recruit Saul Niguez from Atletico Madrid.  

Instead of the 131 million pounds as originally requested by the Madrid team, the “Red Devils” only had to spend 70 million pounds for the toilet in 1994. The official announcement of this deal is expected to be given out after the summer Techmart is open.

With his ability, Saul is potential replacement Paul Pogba, who is planning to leave Man Utd after this season.

In addition to his excellent ball handling skills, the Spanish player is also a comprehensive player who can play every position in the midfield from the wings, back to the guard.

In the Madrid football team, Saul does not appear too much in the opponent’s court because of the defensive play. But if he was asked to be more involved in the attack, he could do an excellent job.

The player has played 19 times for the national team very keenly in the stage of sniffing the goal, whether it is a long shot or a chance shot as a striker in the penalty area of ​​the opponent.

Before aiming for Saul, coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer desperately needs a person on duty to complete the midfield.  

Pogba has the ability and quality to handle the work, but the French midfielder is unstable and often injured.

Saul, who has only been absent for 90 minutes this season because of a suspension, promises to solve the problems that have been there for so long. At MU, Saul can play central midfield pair with Fred, Scott McTominay or Nemanja Matic, thereby helping Bruno Fernandes to focus more on attacking.

If Saul integrates well, MU confidently competes fairly with rivals in domestic league and continental arena.

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Who is Thiago Almada, the “new Messi” that MU is pursuing?

MU is pursuing Thiago Almada, a 19-year-old striker dubbed the “new Messi” of Argentine football.

Thiago Almada was born and raised in the Fuerte Apache neighborhood, the most famous slum in Buenos Aires. It is the home of the poor, the lair of criminals and also the home of Carlos Tevez.

Like Tevez, from an early age, Almada also has to choose between two paths, either making a crime, or becoming a soccer player.

Thiago Almada was born in the Fuerte Apache neighborhood.

Almada’s talent was soon revealed through street games. At the age of 4, Almada wore Santa Clara, the team that started to wing Tevez’s dream of becoming a professional player.

Outstanding performances in Santa Clara helped Almada the young boy caught the eye of Velez Sarsfield club scouts. He moved to Velez at the age of 5 and constantly impressed the youth teams of the club.

In 2018, Head coach Velez was a former MU player, Gabriel Heinze gave Almada the team debut when he was only 17 years old. Up to now, Almada has made 46 appearances for Velez and contributed 9 goals.

Impressive form in Velez helped Almada be called up to Argentina for the U20 South American 2019 tournament in Chile as the youngest player in the squad. In this tournament, Almada has a outstanding performance and scored 1 goal to help the Argentina U20 team win the runner-up.

Born in the Apache Fuerte neighborhood, it was no surprise that Almada idolized Carlos Tevez. But Almada’s style of play makes him compared to Messi more.

Almada has a height, weight similar to Messi so the ability to keep balance very well. The ability to dribble, accelerate and wriggle in a narrow space also makes many people think of Messi more than Tevez.

Almada likes to kick the wing and run into the middle to finish, or create for the team to score, although Heinze coach has trained him to be able to play well in many different positions in the attack. But Almada is different from Messi on the right foot, not the left.

The excellent performances in Velez helped Almada get the attention of many big clubs in Europe. Last summer, Man City asked to buy “new Messi” for £ 10 million, but Velez screamed £ 16 million and continued to retain their jewel.

Last September, Velez signed a four-year contract with Almada and set a release clause of £ 22 million.

However, this fee cannot reduce the interest of the big boys for the new Messi. In turn, MU, Arsenal and Inter Milan have all sent people to talk to Velez to find a way to buy Almada this summer.

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Why De Bruyne is better than all when City clash

While Liverpool have performed better than any other team this season, City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne deserved to be the best individual.

As Man City prepares to face Arsenal on the day of the Premier League return, let’s find out why De Bruyne will be the recipient of the most coveted individual award of English football – PFA Player of the Year.

This season, Spreadex measured the performance of Premier League players through the “Player Performance Score” system.

Spreadex’s data includes 25 points for each goal, 10 points for each assist, 10 points for each shot of a wooden frame, 5 points for each shot hit the goal and 2 points for each accurate pass in the opponent’s court.

Based on this series of skills, De Bruyne has surpassed Premier League colleagues in the rankings.

The Belgian midfielder accumulated a total of 2,465 points, 166 more than the second-ranked player, Rodri of Man City.

The most impressive thing about De Bruyne is the superiority in all the data. He has created 16 goals for his team-mates this season, four more than Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and double his teammate at City, Riyad Mahrez.

With 5 more assists, De Bruyne will surpass Thierry Henry’s English Premier League record in the 2002/03 season (20).

In addition, De Bruyne also scored 8 goals, made 23 shots on goal and had more important passes (96) than any other player. In total, De Bruyne created 23 great opportunities, more than Alexander-Arnold 7.

Hailed as an artist with the ball at his feet, Pep Guardiola’s admiration for De Bruyne is also partly due to the amount of work he does.

Instead of wandering in a third of the back of the pitch without caring about defending, De Bruyne has moved a distance (275.1 km) longer than any other Man City player this season. On average in 90 minutes, De Bruyne moved 11.5 km, just behind Rodri (11.8) and Mahrez (11.6).

However, to assess the true impact of De Bruyne on Man City, the numbers are not fully reflected.

Having missed most of Manchester City’s 2018/19 championship campaign due to injury, De Bruyne is now reimagining himself as the most comprehensive midfielder in the tournament.

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Latest top scorers of English football 2020: Vardy takes the lead

Top scorers of English football 2020: Update Top scorers, scorers list, top scorers in the latest Premier League football.

After a period of time behind Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Jamie Vardy has accelerated to rise to No. 1 in the Top of English football goals in 2020. 

Before the Premiership was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Leicester City striker had a total of 19 goals, four of which were taken from the 11-meter dot. 

The next positions belong to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal, 17 goals), Sergio Aguero (Man City, 16 goals) and Mohamed Salah (Liverpool, 16 goals). 

Notably, the race to win the Premier League Top scorer 2019/20 appears a name that is not much noticed – Daniel Ings. 

The striker, who was bought by Southampton for 22 million euros earlier in the season, is very impressive. After 29 rounds, Ings netted 15 times to net the opponent, which is only less than 4 times Vardy scored.

Sadio Mane, striker with Aubameyang and Salah shared the title of scorer last season with only 14 goals, equal to the performance of Marcus Rashford (MU).

Still, Mane’s performance is still better than Tottenham’s Harry Kane. The frequent absence due to injury makes the England player not have many opportunities to tear the net. Kane’s goal count is stopped at 11.

Top goalscoring Premier League 

1. Jamie Vardy (Leicester City) – 19 goals

2. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 17 goals

3. Sergio Aguero (Man City) – 16 goals 

3. Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 16 goals

4. Daniel Ings (Southampton) – 15 goals

5. Sadio Mane (Liverpool) – 14 goals

5. Marcus Rashford (MU) – 14 goals

6. Tamby Abraham (Chelsea) – 13 goals

6. Dominic Calvert-Lewin (Everton) – 13 goals

6. Raul Jimenez (Wolves) – 13 goals

7. Harry Kane (Tottenham) – 11 goals

7. Anthony Martial (MU) – 11 goals

7. Teemu Pukki (Norwich) – 11 goals

7. Raheem Sterling (Man City) – 11 goals

7. Chris Wood (Burnley) – 11 goals