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Which 2 Stars does Aston Villa want to change?

To get the very talented midfielder Jack Grealish from Aston Villa, MU will have to let two players in the defensive line land in the Birmingham team in the transfer window this summer.

MU has kept an eye on Jack Grealish – the famous Aston Villa attacking midfielder for a long time. Despite the fact that the 24-year-old British star has caused many scandals in the past, such as hiding in isolation to go out to play and causing traffic accidents during the Covid-19 season, “Red Devils” still hit The price is very high for this player’s expertise.

According to international player valuation site Transfermarkt, Jack Grealish is currently worth 40 million euros. However, MU can significantly save the amount of cash they have to spend on this deal if they accept two players in defense for Aston Villa.

Daily Star newspaper said that coach Dean Smith of the Villa Park team is keen to improve the defensive ability of this club after a difficult season of relegation in the Premier League. Aston Villa is aiming to ask MU to exchange goalkeeper Sergio Romero and right-back Diogo Dalot, plus a moderate transfer fee in exchange for Grealish.

This is good news for “Red Devils” as they are closer to owning their first quality rookie this summer than ever. The two goals that coach Dean Smith and Aston Villa want to have are also MU players who need to liquidate at the “Theater of Dreams”.

With Dalot, for a long time, the Portuguese player is no longer part of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s plan at MU when the Norwegian teacher still considers Aaron Wan-Bissaka to be the first choice at the right-back position of the club. this.

Meanwhile, former Argentina player – Romero will almost have to find a new stop when Dean Henderson has just signed an extension contract until 2025 with the “Red Devils” and David De Gea is still a monument not easy to rush to the goal of the team that finished third in the Premier League last season.