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Arsenal fans send coach Arteta a strong message about Ozil

Arsenal fans have sent a message to coach Mikel Arteta for the first time at Emirates Stadium in nearly 9 months.

In October, Mesut Ozil was removed from Arsenal’s registration list by coach Mikel Arteta this season in the Premier League and Europa League this season, despite the 32-year-old star not being injured. The German midfielder has not played for the “Gunners” for a minute since his 1-0 home win over West Ham in March this year but is still the club’s highest-paid person with £ 350,000/week.

However, Ozil still practices hard and insists that he wants to continue to contribute to the “Gunners”. Recently, 2,000 fans were allowed to enter the Emirates Stadium to watch the match between Arsenal and Rapid Vienna in Group B Europa League. The TV camera recorded the image of a child supporter of the “Gunners” holding up a sign with the message: “Bring Mesut back.”

Arsenal fans ask Mikel Arteta to use Ozil is understandable because Arsenal has only scored 10 goals after 10 rounds in the Premier League this season, a record of just over 3 teams ranked at the bottom of the table. The legendary goalkeeper of the “Gunners”, David Seaman has similar thoughts when he thinks that the Spaniard is wasting the talent of the number 10.

The former Arsenal goalkeeper told The Target Men Podcast that he had been very surprised that Arteta had decided to eliminate Mezut Ozil because he was a quality player. He personally felt something was happening between the two of them, because, for him, it’s a bit wasteful, because Ozil was still a quality player.

Elsewhere, L’Equipe newspaper reported that Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira was sacked by Nice after a series of five consecutive defeats, culminating in the French club being eliminated from the Europa League. The former French midfielder served as captain of the “Gunners” for many years, culminating in the 2003/04 Premier League title with an unbeaten record.

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Why do Arsenal want goals in the Premier League?

Arsenal have just suffered defeat to Aston Villa in the Premier League and once again have to pay the price for the lack of goals in attack.

After 8 rounds in the Premier League this season, Arsenal only scored 9 goals, their lowest level since the 1998/99 campaign (also 9 goals). In the last 4 rounds, the “Gunners” had 3 times of silence against Man City, Leicester and Aston Villa, only scoring one goal with a penalty from Aubameyang.

With this small number, it is easy to understand why Arsenal lost 50% of the Premier League matches since the beginning of the season (August 4) and ranked 11th.

Arsenal have only scored 9 goals in 8 Premier League games this season. Although coach Mikel Arteta regularly turns his forces around in the Europa League, meaning the best squad for the Premier League, Arsenal still disappoints in their attempt to find a goal.

The worst is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who lost himself since signing a new contract with a terrible salary. In the last 7 matches in the tournament, he only had 1 time to find the opponent’s net with a penalty (against MU).

In the defeat to Aston Villa, fans saw Aubameyang play 90 minutes in the Premier League at home for the first time without launching a shot.

Aubameyang has only 2 goals in 717 minutes in the Premier League this season

Looking at the ranking of the Premier League’s indexes, it is easy to understand why Arsenal are so thirsty for goals.

They are only 19th in the Premier League for combinations that generate shots, 13th for goals, 14th for shots to hit the goal, 17th for most important passes, and No. 16 on expected goals.

All have raised the question that Arsenal lacks a midfielder who can bring the same creativity as Mesut Ozil did before.