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The ultimate representation of English football in the European arena

English football is facing the prospect of empty-handed on the continental playground this season, all hopes of the land of fog are now on Manchester United.

Last season, it could be said that the continental playground was the private catwalk of the English teams. If the Champions League final last season was the clash between Liverpool and Tottenham, the Europa League throne match was also a London civil war between Arsenal and Chelsea.

However, by the season this year, the situation has changed dramatically. The defending champion and runner-up of the Champions League soon were eliminated from the round of 16, and England’s No. 1 hope was that Man City had to stop before Lyon.


Thus, English football was completely absent in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Meanwhile in the Europa League arena, the only representative of the misty country still playing is MU.

On Monday morning, August 17, the Red Devils will have to face Europa League giants Sevilla in the semifinals 1. As the last hope of English football in the European arena, MU of course spend the highest and they are also the biggest contenders. If they beat Sevilla, Solskjaer teachers and students will win the first ticket to the Europa League final and go a long way to the goal of conquering the European title.

On the other side of the front line, Sevilla and Spanish football also fall into a similar situation. The best representatives of the bullshit such as Real Madrid, Barcelona or Ateltico Madrid have all turned on the field in the Champions League, and now Sevilla is the last hope of Spanish football in the European arena. It would be no exaggeration to say that MU and Sevilla are the two names that hold the reputation of a football industry in this season.

The latest developments of the Europa League semi-final between MU and Sevilla will be continuously updated at our website, inviting readers to watch.