Arsenal is not for Ancelotti

Can Ancelotti lead Arsenal? The crown does not suit an ordinary person!

Do not be dazzled by the titles of Carlo Ancelotti. In England, people had to warn Arsenal about the possibility of the Italian coach’s failure in London. 

Winning four European leagues, with prestigious clubs from AC Milan, through Chelsea, to Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich. Another three Champions League trophies with a red and black striped shirt team and Real Madrid, the 60-year-old coach’s fortune is immense, along with the reputation and deep understanding of football, Carlo Ancelotti did. I couldn’t work anywhere.

Ancelotti is fluent in English, has experience in the Premier League, and promises to bring a new breeze to the north London team. So why is the Englishman so skeptical about the suitability of the Italian coach for Arsenal, when he seems to be the best option to bring this team back to the top years with Arsene Wenger?

First of all, we need to find out what the goal of the London capital team is when they want this talented and experienced strategist, they want to immediately return to the race to win the Premier League. , winning great titles or simply starting to rebuild a new foundation for the club that had been shaken since the end of the Wenger period and completely ruined under Unai Emery.

Arsenal at the moment is similar to the Inter Milan of the 2000s, chaotic, no idea, no football philosophy, no specific identity with many players who probably do not understand the presence of what they are there for, and the level is just average.

Those are typical signs of a failure, no matter how famous a manager is, or how expensive stars are not able to pull the Inter Milan forward. Marcelo Lippi, Marco Tardelli, Hector Cuper or Alberto Zaccheroni also failed at Giuseppe Meazza because they could not create a stable foundation, stars like Ronaldo, Vieri, Adriano or anyone else were buried in the tangle this mess.