Solskjaer reveals how to defeat Man City

According to coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the pressure from the wings of Man Utd made Man City wrong in the match in the Premier League on the evening of March 8.

“There are times when we put pressure and push them home. We try to play face-to-face with two wingers and three strikers above,” he told Man Utd’s website. “In fact, with that game we only had three defenders, but in return, when we created pressure, we made City wrong.”

Goals from Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay helped Man Utd defeat their rivals in the city 2-0, in the 29th Premier League. Even, if you take better opportunities, Solskjaer teachers and students can win.

“I can’t explain every aspect of the game. But there are times, you need to keep the ball and defend,” Solskjaer said. “I will not complain about that. Anthony Martial and Bruno Fernandes worked so well together at the opening table, but I was not surprised. Bruno was that kind of player. Of course, we practiced the free-kick. I have seen them score like that on the training ground. “

Thanks to this victory, Man Utd continue to stand fifth with three points less than the team immediately above it is Chelsea. They are therefore full of opportunities to compete in the Top 4, because the season has nine rounds left. “We will improve further and every player also needs to improve,” the Norwegian military leader stressed.

Yesterday was the third time Man Utd defeated Man City this season, thereby becoming the third team to win both matches against Pep Guardiola’s team in a league season. When asked if he could compete with top leaders like Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp, Solskjaer replied: “I didn’t beat Guardiola three times, but the new players are the ones who do it. I believe in my ability. I will help the club to improve as much as possible. “


How is Man City club’s financial fraud? (Part 3)

Also in the email, Chumillas explained that Man City is not operating as other teams. Typically, teams increase the revenue in a cycle. Achieving good results on the field, attracting more audiences, matches that are more interested on television and sponsors interested.

Businesses sponsor teams, and teams promote brands for businesses. This money is used to buy players, train kids or take care of the yard. If the team spends more than it collects, they lose. To make up for the losses, they had to cut costs.

But, Man City is not a normal team. Costs and debts do not matter. If they are at a loss, donors from Abu Dhabi pump money. They will only be punished if there is evidence. To circumvent the law from UEFA, Man City managers came up with clever ideas. “We can sign back on a cooperation agreement, to be paid in advance,” suggested Director Simon Pearce.

Pearce’s idea is to find a partner from Abu Dhabi to sign a sponsorship contract, pay in advance. The signing time was set back to a time in the past, to be added to the season financial report. Signing back dates is usually prohibited in financial transactions. But, if both businesses agree to sign the date back, this action is not prohibited.

CEO Ferran Soriano had the idea to ask the sponsors to pay the team a mandatory bonus if Man City won the FA Cup, despite the fact that they did not win.

10 days after the season is over, Chumillas announces the solution, which is a detailed change in the sponsorship contracts for the season that just ended. Etihad unexpectedly funded an additional £ 1.5 million, Aabar added £ 0.5 million and the travel agency sloped another £ 5.5 million. Man City and the sponsors have to do as they agreed on that amount from the beginning of the season.

Man City’s plan is to tear down the FFP. Owner money that is poured into a team is not considered revenue. If they recruit players with that money, they will soon lose money. But money from independent sponsors is considered revenue. It will offset the cost to Man City, to escape the FFP grip.

Man City’s financial statements are a series of deceptive information. They see FFP as a game in which Etihad Aviation (Etihad Airways) also participates. “Direct funding from Etihad is £ 8 million annually,” Pearce wrote in December 2013. At that time, the amount stated in the contract was £ 35 million.


Adama Traore – a nightmare for many Premier League defenders (Part 2)

In the recent match against Watford, Traore also set a record for the number of dribbles in an Premier League match since Opta began statistics from the 2006-2007 season – 15 times! Considering the whole of Europe with the players who have played at least 1000 minutes, the number of successful passes of Traore … is still a corner of the sky, surpassing stars like Lionel Messi, Angel Di Maria or Jadon Sancho.

The current sublimation may be late, but must have been in the mind of Traore when he was determined to break up Barca after more than a decade of attachment. At the age of eight, the Traore family received a call from a Barca scout to invite him to the famous La Masia academy.

At first, his mother … hung up because he thought it was a teasing call because Traore had his brother Mohamed at that time wearing Espanyol shirt.

Since the 2013-2014 season, Traore wore the Barca B team and was even facilitated the first team debut in November 2013. At the age of 17, Traore was replaced by coach Gerardo Martino for Neymar in Barca’s 4-0 win over Granada in La Liga. That same season, Traore first experienced the Champions League in a 1-2 defeat to Ajax Amsterdam.

However, the youngster quickly realized that in order to get on the pitch regularly, he had to leave the Camp Nou.

After 11 years with Barca and only one goal for the first team, Traore moved to the Premier League to wear Aston Villa summer 2015 for $ 9 million.

Barca let him go, but still hoped their raw gem would shine, by setting a provision to buy Traore within three years on a contract with Villa. However, Traore’s first season in England was catastrophic, when Villa was relegated, and he himself was fined for undisciplined.

After only a year, Traore was sold to Middlesbrough. Coach Middlesbrough then, Aitor Karanka, knew Traore thanks to the period of youth football in Spain. According to Guardian, Karanka understands Traore’s ability to create mutations with the speed ball. But the inaccuracy in the final balls was the problem of the youngster.


Guardiola got angry because of the year-end schedule

Coach Pep Guardiola was dissatisfied with the English Premier League’s organizers forcing City to play two matches in less than 48 hours.

“I wrote a letter to the Premier League Organizing Committee to say thank you. We will go into the fridge after meeting Wolves to get ready for the Sheffield United match,” Guardiola said sarcastically.

According to the newly announced schedule, Man City will play on Wolves on December 27. About 46 hours later, they returned to their home turf to Sheffield United. Having too little rest time, moving between two matches can be physically disadvantageous for the defending Premier League champion.

In contrast, Liverpool has a easier schedule. Between the match against Leicester on December 26 and the match against Wolves on December 29, they had 68.5 hours to prepare. Time off until the next match, with Sheffield even longer, up to 99.5 hours.

Man City star Kevin De Bruyne also expressed concern about the unfavorable schedule: “Let’s wait and see how we feel after less than 48 hours of preparation. Normally playing next is impossible, but The schedule has been set and we have to find a way out. Hopefully every player feels fine after two games like that, but we will probably have to replace some players.”

Man City are third in the Premier League, with 38 points after 18 games. They are 11 points behind Liverpool, and play more than one game.

Years ago, year-end games often led to a turning point in the championship race. The team that stands firmly in this stage often heads straight to the championship, or initiates a comeback. On the contrary, the team stumbles easily leading to narrow the gap, or missed the opportunity to pursue.

Pep Guardiola respected the decision to leave Man City to Arsenal of assistant Mikel Arteta.

Mikel Arteta said goodbye to Man City members on Thursday, after 18 months working as an assistant at the club. A day later, Arsenal announced the appointment of a 37-year-old strategist. The contract is valid for three years. Arteta will receive $ 6.5 million salary each year at the Emirates Stadium.

Man City coach does not look to replace Arteta until the end of this season. Assistant Rodolfo Borrell will take on additional duties that Arteta left. “We will not recruit anyone,” Guardiola added. “We will continue our work with existing people.”


Arsenal is not for Ancelotti

Can Ancelotti lead Arsenal? The crown does not suit an ordinary person!

Do not be dazzled by the titles of Carlo Ancelotti. In England, people had to warn Arsenal about the possibility of the Italian coach’s failure in London. 

Winning four European leagues, with prestigious clubs from AC Milan, through Chelsea, to Paris St Germain and Bayern Munich. Another three Champions League trophies with a red and black striped shirt team and Real Madrid, the 60-year-old coach’s fortune is immense, along with the reputation and deep understanding of football, Carlo Ancelotti did. I couldn’t work anywhere.

Ancelotti is fluent in English, has experience in the Premier League, and promises to bring a new breeze to the north London team. So why is the Englishman so skeptical about the suitability of the Italian coach for Arsenal, when he seems to be the best option to bring this team back to the top years with Arsene Wenger?

First of all, we need to find out what the goal of the London capital team is when they want this talented and experienced strategist, they want to immediately return to the race to win the Premier League. , winning great titles or simply starting to rebuild a new foundation for the club that had been shaken since the end of the Wenger period and completely ruined under Unai Emery.

Arsenal at the moment is similar to the Inter Milan of the 2000s, chaotic, no idea, no football philosophy, no specific identity with many players who probably do not understand the presence of what they are there for, and the level is just average.

Those are typical signs of a failure, no matter how famous a manager is, or how expensive stars are not able to pull the Inter Milan forward. Marcelo Lippi, Marco Tardelli, Hector Cuper or Alberto Zaccheroni also failed at Giuseppe Meazza because they could not create a stable foundation, stars like Ronaldo, Vieri, Adriano or anyone else were buried in the tangle this mess.