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Lampard became impatient because of Werner

Like the previous rounds, Chelsea’s expensive rookie continues to fall into a “dry goal” situation in the Derby against Arsenal.

Early this morning, Chelsea made a trip to the pitch of a seriously troubled opponent, Arsenal. Despite being appreciated by football experts, the Blues have had a disappointing performance when they lost the match 1-3 and have now fallen to 7th place on the standings.

In this match, Timo Werner continued to make the viewers of the football live to shake their heads. He fell into a state of insecurity in the handling phase and especially at the finish. The German striker as “invisible” as well as Chelsea were 2 goals ahead of the opponent in the first half made coach Frank Lampard decided to withdraw him to bring young player Hudson-Odoi into the battle in the first minutes of the round. 2.

Notably, this was the 10th consecutive match in all the former arena, former RB Leipzig star could not open fire. This makes Coach Lampard’s patience with him even lower.

In the press conference after the match, the British military leader himself admitted to his decision to change people. Accordingly, Lampard said that Werner did not play well and that caused him to make adjustments:

“For a famous striker like him, if you don’t score, you will be judged like this and that. I understand Werner is under enormous pressure. The change is just because I want the team to have new things in attack.

In this match, it must be admitted that Werner was underperforming in the first half. Even without the ball, he wondered what to do. This forced me to make adjustments.

I will talk to him to find the best solution. We can see the fatigue not only for Werner but also for every player during this tough period”.