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Top 10 goals scorers in MU history

Top 10 goals scorers in MU history have the presence of many great strikers like Bobby Charlton, George Best or Wayne Rooney.

The greatest striker in MU history is a very familiar name – Wayne Rooney. “Shrek guy” joined “Reds” from Everton on the last day of the summer transfer period of 2004 with a record price of 27 million pounds. At 18, Rooney became the most expensive teenage player in the world at the time.

In 13 years with MU, the striker born in 1985 proved why the club spent so much money to get him. Experienced 559 appearances, Rooney scored a total of 253 goals, achieving 0.45 goals/game.

After leaving Old Trafford in 2017, Rooney returned to Everton, then moved to MLS and now – as a coach and player at Derby County First Division.

Second in the top 10 MU goalscorers in history is Sir Bobby Charlton. The English legend has 249 goals in 758 matches, more than the third-ranked Denis Law 12 goals (237 goals/404 matches).

Top 10 goals scorers in MU history of course indispensable George Best. In the period from 1963 to 1974, the No. 7 legend hardly missed any matches of the “Red Devils” and became the top scorer for the club in 6 consecutive seasons.

In the 1967/1968 season, best scored a double in United’s 4-1 victory over Benfica, thereby helping “Reds” for the first time to reach the highest peak in the European Cup. In a decade with MU, the former striker born in 1946 scored 179 goals, on par with Dennis Viollet elder.

Top 10 goals scorers in MU history

1. Wayne Rooney – 253 goals/559 matches (2004-2017 period)

2. Bobby Charlton – 249 goals/758 matches (1956-1973)

3. Denis Law – 237 goals/404 matches (1962-1973)

4. Jack Rowley – 211 goals/424 matches (1937-1955)

5. Dennis Viollet – 179 goals/293 matches (1952-1962)

6. George Best – 179 goals/470 matches (1963-1974)

7. Joe Spence – 168 goals/510 matches (1919-1933)

8. Ryan Giggs – 168 goals/963 matches (1991-2014)

9. Mark Hughes – 163 goals/467 matches (1983-1986 and 1988-1995)

10. Paul Scholes – 155 goals/718 matches (1994-2011 and 2012-2013)