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Messi – when will the burden be over?

Seeing how Barcelona lost easily to Juventus, those who have watched football live even more sympathize with the hopeless efforts of Lionel Messi.

Until now, perhaps the question “What philosophy is Barcelona under Ronald Koeman football?” has not been answered for fans. Perhaps it is difficult for even ball experts to answer this question. Because Barca is still themselves in the previous seasons, a style called “Messi is everything”.

Barcelona now won a ticket to the eighth round of the Champions League, but is there a live football viewer who believes that the home team of the Nou Camp will go to the quarterfinals, let alone the final? Koeman’s Barca at this time is simply an extremely ordinary team. A team that as long as their opponent is ahead of them won’t be able to get up.

Before Juventus, once again people saw how lonely and lost Lionel Messi. The Argentinian superstar has a very good game. He is the one who launched the most number of shots with 11 shots on target, of which 7 times the ball hit the target. The M10 has a total of 125 touches and 19 double hand disputes, more than any other player on the pitch. So what do you get in the end?

Messi’s teammates are still the same. They played weakly, did not show the spirit that they had to win like M10 showed. Messi’s great rival Ronaldo only needs 4 shots to have a double and those are all goals on the 11m mark. Saying so to see the deficiencies in Barca’s defense and if they really sympathize with Messi’s efforts, perhaps Lenglet or Pique did not play so superficially.

Messi agreed to stay, but his soul must no longer be on the grass of the Nou Camp. With each passing week, the image of a 33-year-old man who has to put on his shoulder the burden of the entire team has become something very familiar. El Pulga deserves more than that after what he has done for this club in his glorious career.

A relief, sooner or later, is perhaps what Messi needs?

Football players

Man City waits for the opportunity to recruit Messi

The provision for Lionel Messi to freely leave the summer transfer window is an opportunity for City to dream of owning Barca captain.

The contract stipulates from the age of 32, Messi is free to leave Barca in each summer transfer period. This is the terms that the Nou Camp team gives to the club’s best player, who has contributed to 10 La Liga championships and four Champions League titles.

According to AS (Spain), Man City is closely monitoring Messi’s situation. If the captain striker decides to leave Barca, the Etihad team wants to be the first team to approach him.

Rumors of Messi leaving Barca arose this week, when there was disagreement between him and sports director Eric Abidal. After Abidal made the point that some of the players did not perform well under former coach Ernesto Valverde, Messi countered that he should name each one instead of in general

However, Diario Sport said that Messi’s ability to leave Barca just stopped at rumors. According to this newspaper, the above disagreement is only a matter of personal opinion. Messi, as the captain, spoke openly to protect his teammates.

President Josep Bartomeu also spoke with both Abidal and Messi, helping the two sides heal the relationship.

Abidal and Messi used to be good teammates, winning four La Liga and two Champions League together. In the 2011 Champions League final (Barca 3-1 Man Utd), the former French defender personally brought the captain’s armband to raise the Cup.

English football extends the summer transfer

The closing time of the annual summer transfer is September 1, instead of mid-August as before in the English Premier.

At the meeting on 6/2, the clubs voted to support the change. Accordingly, the end of the summer transfer period of English football is set to September 1 like other European countries.

Besides extending the summer transfer period, the Premier League clubs also work on VAR. According to a report released at the meeting, the majority of fans wanted to keep the system. However, the way it works needs to be changed so as not to reduce the interest in football.

The meeting also identifies the Premier League season 2020-2021 opening on August 7, less than a month after the end of Euro 2020.