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Why De Bruyne is better than all when City clash

While Liverpool have performed better than any other team this season, City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne deserved to be the best individual.

As Man City prepares to face Arsenal on the day of the Premier League return, let’s find out why De Bruyne will be the recipient of the most coveted individual award of English football – PFA Player of the Year.

This season, Spreadex measured the performance of Premier League players through the “Player Performance Score” system.

Spreadex’s data includes 25 points for each goal, 10 points for each assist, 10 points for each shot of a wooden frame, 5 points for each shot hit the goal and 2 points for each accurate pass in the opponent’s court.

Based on this series of skills, De Bruyne has surpassed Premier League colleagues in the rankings.

The Belgian midfielder accumulated a total of 2,465 points, 166 more than the second-ranked player, Rodri of Man City.

The most impressive thing about De Bruyne is the superiority in all the data. He has created 16 goals for his team-mates this season, four more than Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold and double his teammate at City, Riyad Mahrez.

With 5 more assists, De Bruyne will surpass Thierry Henry’s English Premier League record in the 2002/03 season (20).

In addition, De Bruyne also scored 8 goals, made 23 shots on goal and had more important passes (96) than any other player. In total, De Bruyne created 23 great opportunities, more than Alexander-Arnold 7.

Hailed as an artist with the ball at his feet, Pep Guardiola’s admiration for De Bruyne is also partly due to the amount of work he does.

Instead of wandering in a third of the back of the pitch without caring about defending, De Bruyne has moved a distance (275.1 km) longer than any other Man City player this season. On average in 90 minutes, De Bruyne moved 11.5 km, just behind Rodri (11.8) and Mahrez (11.6).

However, to assess the true impact of De Bruyne on Man City, the numbers are not fully reflected.

Having missed most of Manchester City’s 2018/19 championship campaign due to injury, De Bruyne is now reimagining himself as the most comprehensive midfielder in the tournament.

English football clubs

Expected squad Man City vs Arsenal: De Bruyne vs. Ozil

Expected squad for Man City vs Arsenal: Update information about the squad of the match between Man City vs Arsenal in the round of 28 Premier League match.

Man City and Arsenal will make up for the round 28 of the Premier League, and will fight the return of the No. 1 league of the fog after a time of suspension due to the epidemic.

If Pep Guardiola teachers and students set a goal of retaining 3 points to maintain the second place from the attention of Leicester City, the “Gunners” of London need 3 points to hope to win the right to attend the next Champions League/C1 season.

After being absent from the Manchester derby due to injury, Kevin De Bruyne and Aymeric Laporte recovered and certainly played in the match against Arsenal.

The good news also came with the home team when Leroy Sane completed 100% of the required volume in the past training sessions. As such, Guardiola will have the strongest squad in his hands.

Meanwhile, coach Mikel Arteta was without Lucas Torreira after the Uruguayan midfielder suffered an ankle injury in March. In addition, despite a slight training, Calum Chambers is still not ready to fight.

The positive signal for the visitors is that they have a full range of attacking options, including Mesut Oezil, Nicolas Pepe, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette.

Force information

Man City: Full force.

Arsenal: Calum Chambers, Lucas Torreira (injury).    

Probable teams

Man City (4-3-3): Ederson; Fernandinho, Laporte, Mendy, Walker; Rodrigo, Guendogan, De Bruyne; Sterling, Mahrez, Aguero.

Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Leno; Sokratis, Luiz, Bellerin, Saka; Xhaka, Ceballos; Ozil, Pepe, Aubameyang; Lacazette.


Solskjaer reveals how to defeat Man City

According to coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, the pressure from the wings of Man Utd made Man City wrong in the match in the Premier League on the evening of March 8.

“There are times when we put pressure and push them home. We try to play face-to-face with two wingers and three strikers above,” he told Man Utd’s website. “In fact, with that game we only had three defenders, but in return, when we created pressure, we made City wrong.”

Goals from Anthony Martial and Scott McTominay helped Man Utd defeat their rivals in the city 2-0, in the 29th Premier League. Even, if you take better opportunities, Solskjaer teachers and students can win.

“I can’t explain every aspect of the game. But there are times, you need to keep the ball and defend,” Solskjaer said. “I will not complain about that. Anthony Martial and Bruno Fernandes worked so well together at the opening table, but I was not surprised. Bruno was that kind of player. Of course, we practiced the free-kick. I have seen them score like that on the training ground. “

Thanks to this victory, Man Utd continue to stand fifth with three points less than the team immediately above it is Chelsea. They are therefore full of opportunities to compete in the Top 4, because the season has nine rounds left. “We will improve further and every player also needs to improve,” the Norwegian military leader stressed.

Yesterday was the third time Man Utd defeated Man City this season, thereby becoming the third team to win both matches against Pep Guardiola’s team in a league season. When asked if he could compete with top leaders like Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp, Solskjaer replied: “I didn’t beat Guardiola three times, but the new players are the ones who do it. I believe in my ability. I will help the club to improve as much as possible. “

English football clubs

How is Man City club’s financial fraud? (Part 2)

126 seconds of injury time goes into the history of Man City, and of the Al Nahyan clan. They rise to become championship candidates in the following seasons. Fans think that success is a miracle. In fact, the problem is only time.

The record contracts that Mansour Al Nahyan brought back to Etihad deviate from the way the other teams spend money. They drenched their money on the transfer market, relying on sponsorship deals that were essentially out of pocket from Abu Dhabi.

Man City play at Etihad. On the shirts they also print Etihad. Etihad is an Abu Dhabi airline owned by a younger brother of Mansour. Telisal company Etisalat, Aabar investment fund or travel agency Abu Dhabi also sponsors Man City.

English football has never witnessed such big sums of money. Three days before Aguero brought back the first Premier League title for Man City, the team leader created an internal analysis with the headline: A summary of the owner’s investment.

After three years and eight months of acquiring Man City, the Al Nahyan family has invested 1.1 billion pounds (about 1.4 billion USD). Of which, the loss compensated was 217 million pounds (282 million USD). Remarkably, additional funding from Abu Dhabi’s partners reached £ 149.5 million ($ 194.4 million).

To understand what is “additional financing from Abu Dhabi partners”, we must return to the Agueroooooo moment. Leading Man City to glory is coach Roberto Mancini – who has won the Serie A three times before. But, just one season after winning his first Premier League title for Man City, he was fired for failing to protect the title. The views of the Man City bosses are: Who does not reach the goal, will be replaced. But they face a bigger problem, which is UEFA’s announcement of the Financial Fair Law (FFP).

The number one goal of FFP is to help some teams get out of debt and go bankrupt. The second goal is to ban teams from spending too much on revenue. And Man City faces the risk of being touched.

English football clubs

How is Man City club’s financial fraud? (Part 1)

When asked by the team if the team can manipulate the contract, a Man City manager replied: We can do anything we want.

In 1880, 28-year-old girl Anna Connell formed a football team for the common or unemployed workers, helping them quit drinking. 7,000 km away, the Al Nahyan family dominated Abu Dhabi thanks to camel breeding and pearl fishing. They live in mud brick houses, hidden under palm trees. A football team for the Al Nahyan family is as vague, as the desert heat for Manchesterians.

128 years later, the Al Nahyan clan becomes an oil billionaire. They arrived in Manchester – the “Capital” of the North of England. Money helps them turn a vague day into a shining “pearl”. From a mid-level team in Manchester, Man City became the Premier League’s leading club, a superb promotional product with Abu Dhabi. They own world-class stalwarts like Sergio Aguero, David Silva or Kevin de Bruyne, under the strategist Pep Guardiola. The Al Nahyan family’s journey becomes a unique story.

But, the jewel of Abu Dhabi is scratching. Documents from Football Leaks – the platform that specializes in exploiting mistakes – expose the tricks behind Man City’s success.

Man City bosses established the capitalist era in football. The “capitalist” here refers to the era when companies were ruthless and broke all rules. That is also the way some contemporary teams work. Since being taken over by Abu Dhabi leaders, Man City looks for every trick to get into the ranks of the European football elite. They create a global, profitable brand by breaking down barriers. Man City’s glory stems from deception.

May 13, 2012. 93 minutes, 20 seconds. Agueroooooo. It was an unforgettable Man City fan moment. In the final round of the Premier League, they needed three points to win after 44 years of waiting. Their opponent – Queens Park Rangers – suddenly took the lead.

The situation was more unfavorable for them, when Man Utd neighbors won the match at the same time. The heaviness on the face of the Eithad spectators, because they may have to see Man Utd again on the throne. 91 minutes, 14 seconds, Edin Dzeko headed equalizer, rekindled hope for Man City. More than two minutes later, Sergio Aguero scored against QPR, bringing the championship back to Etihad. Commentator Martin Tyler’s voice was lost as he shouted Aguero’s name, when the net shook.

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Man City waits for the opportunity to recruit Messi

The provision for Lionel Messi to freely leave the summer transfer window is an opportunity for City to dream of owning Barca captain.

The contract stipulates from the age of 32, Messi is free to leave Barca in each summer transfer period. This is the terms that the Nou Camp team gives to the club’s best player, who has contributed to 10 La Liga championships and four Champions League titles.

According to AS (Spain), Man City is closely monitoring Messi’s situation. If the captain striker decides to leave Barca, the Etihad team wants to be the first team to approach him.

Rumors of Messi leaving Barca arose this week, when there was disagreement between him and sports director Eric Abidal. After Abidal made the point that some of the players did not perform well under former coach Ernesto Valverde, Messi countered that he should name each one instead of in general

However, Diario Sport said that Messi’s ability to leave Barca just stopped at rumors. According to this newspaper, the above disagreement is only a matter of personal opinion. Messi, as the captain, spoke openly to protect his teammates.

President Josep Bartomeu also spoke with both Abidal and Messi, helping the two sides heal the relationship.

Abidal and Messi used to be good teammates, winning four La Liga and two Champions League together. In the 2011 Champions League final (Barca 3-1 Man Utd), the former French defender personally brought the captain’s armband to raise the Cup.

English football extends the summer transfer

The closing time of the annual summer transfer is September 1, instead of mid-August as before in the English Premier.

At the meeting on 6/2, the clubs voted to support the change. Accordingly, the end of the summer transfer period of English football is set to September 1 like other European countries.

Besides extending the summer transfer period, the Premier League clubs also work on VAR. According to a report released at the meeting, the majority of fans wanted to keep the system. However, the way it works needs to be changed so as not to reduce the interest in football.

The meeting also identifies the Premier League season 2020-2021 opening on August 7, less than a month after the end of Euro 2020.