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How is Man City club’s financial fraud? (Part 2)

126 seconds of injury time goes into the history of Man City, and of the Al Nahyan clan. They rise to become championship candidates in the following seasons. Fans think that success is a miracle. In fact, the problem is only time.

The record contracts that Mansour Al Nahyan brought back to Etihad deviate from the way the other teams spend money. They drenched their money on the transfer market, relying on sponsorship deals that were essentially out of pocket from Abu Dhabi.

Man City play at Etihad. On the shirts they also print Etihad. Etihad is an Abu Dhabi airline owned by a younger brother of Mansour. Telisal company Etisalat, Aabar investment fund or travel agency Abu Dhabi also sponsors Man City.

English football has never witnessed such big sums of money. Three days before Aguero brought back the first Premier League title for Man City, the team leader created an internal analysis with the headline: A summary of the owner’s investment.

After three years and eight months of acquiring Man City, the Al Nahyan family has invested 1.1 billion pounds (about 1.4 billion USD). Of which, the loss compensated was 217 million pounds (282 million USD). Remarkably, additional funding from Abu Dhabi’s partners reached £ 149.5 million ($ 194.4 million).

To understand what is “additional financing from Abu Dhabi partners”, we must return to the Agueroooooo moment. Leading Man City to glory is coach Roberto Mancini – who has won the Serie A three times before. But, just one season after winning his first Premier League title for Man City, he was fired for failing to protect the title. The views of the Man City bosses are: Who does not reach the goal, will be replaced. But they face a bigger problem, which is UEFA’s announcement of the Financial Fair Law (FFP).

The number one goal of FFP is to help some teams get out of debt and go bankrupt. The second goal is to ban teams from spending too much on revenue. And Man City faces the risk of being touched.